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  • Reaper Miniatures
  • Secret Weapon Miniatures
  • Victoria Miniatures
  • Frontline Games
  • Bobe's Hobby House
  • Hangar 18
  • DGS Games
  • Frozen Ninja 3D
  • Tabletop Plus
  • Active Mind Games
  • Bombshell Miniatures
  • Darkflame Books
  • Scale 75
  • MidKnight Heroes
  • Material Cultured
  • Talon Games
  • Battleguard Ready
  • Forge Prints
  • Fyreside Publishing
  • Khepri-Creations
  • Tortured Earth LLC
Vendors and Shopping

Reaper Miniatures

Heroic Scale pewter and Plastic minaitures for any game!

Founder of ReaperCon and the go-to name for your gaming miniatures for over 20 years, Reaper Miniatures shares a love of the hobby, the industry, and the games with high-quality, low-cost product, hobby forums and instruction!

Vendors and Shopping

Frontline Games

Frontline Games is the producer of several game genres.

Our games include flesh-eating zombies in Zombie Daze, gun-slinging lawmen versus outlaws in American Gangster, galactic invaders versus humans in Alien Attack, the strange and unusual WWII with Uber Soldat, and of course our flagship game, Frontline Command WWII. We also provide an extensive line of 28mm fantasy/historical resin buildings and terrain, vehicles, miniatures and miniature bases.

What makes us different? Many years ago a 5-page rule system for playing World War II with miniatures was written out of a desire for a miniature game with the feel of actual combat, or as close as you can get on the table top. It was based off actual combat to-hit percentages and then converted to a D20 percentile system to speed game play. Over the years, this rule system grew through much research, add-ons, playtesting, and tweaking to simulate real combat as close as possible while still maintaining playability and a historical feel. Finally, FRONTLINE COMMAND WWII was released and FRONTLINE GAMES was born. All of our games are based off of the FLC rule system, which provides a unique “as real as it gets” gaming experience…even in alternate reality settings.

Our team has been attending ReaperCon for many years as a vendor and will be this year as well to show our support. We will be bringing down our entire line of miniatures and games as well as running a few demos. So stop on by, and as we always say – “See you on the frontlines!”

Vendors and Shopping

Bombshell Miniatures

Bombshell Miniatures was formed in 2012 by sculptor Patrick Keith to offer a dedicated range of unique female character models suitable for use in many tabletop and roleplaying games as well as for collecting and painting.

Thanks to several successful Kickstarter projects and many loyal backers, Bombshell Miniatures has released additional ranges of miniatures from pulp sci-fi characters and robots to anthropomorphic animals.

Vendors and Shopping

Hangar 18

By Modelers For Modelers

Vendors and Shopping

Frozen Ninja 3D

Frozen Ninja 3D creates Fantasy/Sci-Fi Miniatures and Busts that are cast in high quality resin.

I can help with the design of your models, and I can also do high quality, print-ready, sculpts for you.

Vendors and Shopping

Tabletop Plus

Quality interchangeable tabletop terrain elements that allow you to seamlessly arrange complex corridors and expand your tabletop game infinitely.

Tabletop Plus realized that one way to improve the tabletop gaming experience was to make gaming terrain elements that are truly modular. Doing so, lets the game organizer create seamless and unbounded table layouts without being limited by the design of terrain pieces.

Walls, rooms, and corridors can back up on one another without creating clumsy gaps or crowding your minis.

Dungeon maps in pre-printed adventure modules can be reproduced in 3-D with full grid accuracy.

The possibilities are endless, and more interchangeable products are sure to come. Keep watching…

Vendors and Shopping

Active Mind Games

Creators of the XCase and MageCage, the expandable, transportable, miniatures display case and accessories. We are also working on our own line of table top games.

Vendors and Shopping

DGS Games

In the world of Faelon, demons and creatures roam the land, knights and soldiers fight their battles, bandits and adventurers seek fame and fortune, while mystics and sorcerer's manipulate magic in mysterious ways.' Faelon is the fantasy world for DGS Games miniatures and tabletop gaming rules: Freeblades skirmish game and their upcoming Free Captains battle game.

Vendors and Shopping

Darkflame Books

Founded in January, 2015, Darkflame Books is an independent publisher of creative fiction.

We mainly work with modern-day fantasy and horror, but we have other projects in the works that are both within and outside of the genre. You can find information on our upcoming events, current projects, original character art, world building details, and writing guides on our website. We plan to have our first novel Lost & Found, by Kathleen White and character artwork available at ReaperCon, along with a couple of writing guides for aspiring authors.

Vendors and Shopping

MidKnight Heroes

MidKnight Heroes makes HQ 30mm resin chibi miniatures and games. Super Chibi is a new and unique miniature line set in a shared universe spanning four worlds. These range from modern to fantasy each with its own style.

Vendors and Shopping

Material Cultured

A carefully curated eclectic collection for sale. All items were personally purchased new in the years of my youth (1970s and 1980s). The time has come to find new homes for them that will give them new life and appreciation.

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Vendors and Shopping

Vendors and Shopping

Secret Weapon Miniatures

Miniature and modeling options!

Vendors and Shopping

Troll Lord Games

Fantasy Role-Playing inspired by Gary Gygax.

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