ReaperCon, August 30 - September 2, 2018. Embassy Suites Denton Convention Center, Denton, TX



We offer a wide array of Painting and Sculpting classes, taught by world-renowned artists. Everything from first-time, basic tips to competiton-winning techniques, shown by the masters!

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ReaperCon Master Series Open

The ReaperCon Master Series Painting Contest uses the same Open Format judging system as Chicago's MMSI Show, and others! We get hundreds of incredible entries every year - be one of them!

Take a look at this year's entries!

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Gaming Events

Food &

Dinners, Events, and more!

We offer some great dinner packages throughout the show, as well as concessions and off-site options!

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ReaperCon 2018

ReaperCon is a 4-day convention that’s a celebration of the miniatures hobby!

Reaper Miniatures brings in some of the best talent in the industry - World-class sculptors, painters and illustrators - and invites you to join us for four days of classes, seminars, games, and fun! Whether you’re just learning to paint, or you want that final push to go to the next level, or maybe you just want to play some games and meet cool people, ReaperCon is where it’s at!

ReaperCon 2018 will be our 15th ReaperCon, and we’re still going and growing strong! ReaperCon 2018 will be Thursday August 30th - Sunday September 2nd, 2018. Join us!

Registration is not currently Available.

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VIP Deal - $175 A value of over $250!

  • 4-Day Admission Pass into ReaperCon 2018
  • A ReaperCon Swag Bag
  • A ReaperCon VIP Perk Pack
  • ReaperCon Dinner Pass - you'll get four dinners at ReaperCon consisting of Wednesday's Meet N Greet, Thursday's BBQ, Friday's VIP Dinner, and Saturday's Hall of Fame Dinner. Choose Vegetarian or Regular

Registration is not currently Available.

Premium Deal - $50 A value of over $110!

  • 4-Day Admission Pass into ReaperCon 2018
  • ReaperCon Swag Bag

Registration is not currently Available.

Daily Pass - $15 per day

This Daily Pass is good for one day's admission into ReaperCon 2018. Purchase of a Daily Pass does not include the ReaperCon Swag Bag.

Registration is not currently Available.

ReaperCon Sophie

What's a Swag Bag?

The ReaperCon Swag Bag is one of the most sought after items in whole gaming convention circuit! This is where we take a high-quality, reusable polypropylene bag and stuff it with tons of cool miniatures and gaming products from Reaper and from some of the best manufacturers in the industry! This year, you'll get:

  • A Reaper Miniatures lanyard so you don’t have to stick your badge in your hat like a 1920’s reporter.
  • Three Special Edition Reaper Master Series Paints: Retro Slate, Retro Emerald, and Retro Elderberry
  • One metal 2018 ReaperCon Sophie sculpted by Bob Ridolfi
  • One metal 2018 Convention Zombie "ConCrud" sculpted by Gene Van Horne
  • Your Choice of one of 4 Faction Miniatures.
  • One collectible ReaperCon 2018 program
  • One ReaperCon 2018 paint cup (for all your painting needs)
  • $250 Reaper Bucks. Don’t spend it all at once.
  • A ReaperCon Trick or Treat punch card. Fill it up and get an awesome prize!
  • One ReaperCon 2018 commemorative ballpoint pen
  • A Reaper U notebook, handy for taking notes in all of those classes you’re enrolled in.
  • Some cool new Base Boss bases!
  • Prize tickets. For prizes.
  • A Con Crud Crusher packet. Because nobody likes con crud.
  • A super cool ReaperCon bag to carry all of this stuff around in.
  • Plus, we have several as of yet unannounced Swag Items that we'll be adding to the Swag Bag. In the past, we've had items from such manufacturers as Darksword Miniatures, Red Box Games, Secret Weapon, Front Line Games, Troll Lord Games, Cool Mini or Not, Gamer Nation Studios, Ironwind Metals, Fat Dragon Games, TGJ Hobbies, Bricks and Boards, Hanger 18, Tabletop Plus, Portsmouth Miniatures, TW2 Creations, DGS Games, Laserlight Models, and more!

For pictures, details, and other items you can get, check out our Goodies Page!

We're also giving attendees the option of getting extra SWAG bags, Perk Packs, and even extra Sophies, paint, and other goodies!

Extra Copies of the SWAG Bag and VIP Perk Pack do not include extra admissions - just the stuff. The Extra VIP Pack does not include extra meal tickets. For additional meal tickets, pelase see our Food & Lodging page

Registration is not currently Available.

Games Roll Some Dice

We've opened game Submissions for ReaperCon 2018

Submit a game, or see what we're offering now!

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Gold Sophie Trophy

Paint Contest The ReaperCon Open

Enter the ReaperCon Open with almost any model, at any skill level! You can enter as many models as you like, and might win certificates, medals, trophies, or cash!

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Factions What's the Story?

Want to know more about the Factions fighting for control of ReaperCon?

Welcome to Dreadmere

Five warring factions clash in the swampy ruins of Dreadmere in search of magical treasures.

Somewhere behind vicious lizardmen, drowned zombies, and vengeful spirits rests the legendary Codex of Darkness. Which group will escape death and emerge victorious from the swamp?

At ReaperCon 2018, you can help decide the fate of the four warbands of Dreadmere: the Bonehenge Covenant, the Disciples of Cthon, the Duskwardens, the Knights of the Maggotcrown, and the River Widows.

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Vendors and Shopping

Vendors Get your Hobby fix

We've got a ton of great vendors for ReaperCon 2018!

To sign up, apply today!

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