ReaperCon, April 24-27 2017, Hilton Garden Inn, Lewisville, TX

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The ReaperCon Master Series Painting Contest uses the same Open Format judging system as Chicago's MMSI Show, and others! We get hundreds of incredible entries every year - be one of them!

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We offer a wide array of Painting and Sculpting classes, taught by world-renowned artists. Everything from first-time, basic tips to competiton-winning techniques, shown by the masters!

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Gaming Events

Games & Events

Take a break from the classes with our gaming tables. Enjoy the fun with your fellow geeks, earn ReaperBucks, and indulge in some great games. Take a Tour of the Reaper Factory, or pick our brains in a panel!

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ReaperCon 2014

ReaperCon is a 4-day convention that’s a celebration of the miniatures hobby! Reaper Miniatures brings in some of the best talent in the industry - World-class sculptors, painters and illustrators - and invites you to join us for four days of classes, seminars, games, and fun! Whether you’re just learning to paint, or you want that final push to go to the next level, or maybe you just want to play some games and meet cool people, ReaperCon is where it’s at!

ReaperCon 2014 will be our 11th ReaperCon, and we’re still going and growing strong! This year we’re trying out a new, larger venue, so we can fit in more guests, games, classes, and panels! Join us!

Regular Admission is $40.
Day Passes are $15, available at the Door.

Pre-registration is now closed.

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Paint Contest The ReaperCon Open

Enter the ReaperCon Open with almost any model, at any skill level! You can enter as many models as you like, and might win certificates, medals, trophies, or cash!

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Vendors Get your Hobby fix

We are thrilled to be able to host some of our friends in the industry, and give you this chance to fuel your hobbies!

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Vendors and Shopping

Food and Lodging

Food & Lodging In the Convention Hall

Starting with the Meet & Greet until the end of the show, there's a variety of food available on-site. Everything from fine Banquets, free Breakfasts, and Quick and Easy box Lunches, there's plenty to help you stay on-site and spend more time having fun!

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ReaperBucks Free Stuff.

Sunday afternoon, we will host the ReaperBuck Auction. No money may be spent, the only currency we accept is the ReaperBucks you collect for your activities! We have shirts, hats, minis, paints, and all sorts of unique and exciting things!

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