ReaperCon • Miniatures • Gaming • Fun
August 28 - September 1, 2024 • Embassy Suites & Convention Center • Denton, Texas

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I bring my own paints, brushes, water cups?

If you are taking classes, most of the items needed for the class will be provided. If you want to do some painting in the main hall, then we suggest bringing your own supplies.

Will there be paints available for me to paint between Reaper U classes, or are they only available during classes?

There is no communal paint stand for general use at the event, especially with the safety protocol in place at the event. Our Reaper Booth will be open during exhibitor hours selling paints and supplies if you need them. We do suggest bringing all materials you wish to enjoy the hobby as you see fit.

What hobby supplies do you recommend bringing?

It's important to remember that brushes are not provided for Reaper U classes.

You'll need to bring anything else that you think you'll need for general painting or for any class if it isn't already provided.

If we attend Reaper U painting classes, will paints be supplied or should we bring our own?

For the classes on-site at ReaperCon 2024, the items will be provided for you for your class. It's important to remember that brushes are not provided for Reaper U classes.


Will there be a cosplay/costume contest or event? What is the theme?

Yes! We are planning on having a costume contest on Friday, August 30th. More details will be coming out about this in the coming weeks! We'll let you know the theme soon™.

Will this be a smaller ReaperCon than in previous years?

The Exhibitor area will have about the same amount of vendors in the same amount of vendor space as previous years.

Will Ludo be running Painting Hi-Jinks this year?

Are trees made of wood?

Can I have reaper ship stuff home for me?

Yes we will have a UPS station at the Reaper Booth that will be able to ship stuff for you for a discounted shipping rate.

When my {insert name for partner here} first took me to GenCon, I was like, well what am I going to do there? I did find stuff to do even though gaming wasn't a strong hobby. Now, if I drag him to ReaperCon, I ask the same question. What is there for him to do since he's not big on minis collecting and painting? What are people busy doing if not in a class or gaming?

There are many things to do around Denton texas. The Denton square has a lot to offer, tours of the reaper facility are still fascinating to the non-hobby enthusiast, arcade game cabinets to play in the main hall, vendors of all types, hanging out around the pool playing outside lawn games, & Rental board games to play with others and make friends! Please check out and Andy B's is next door to the convention center with games, laser tag, and Bowling.

What is the layout of the event? Are Reaper U classes held in separate rooms or corners in an open hall? Is there an open area for attendees to paint when not in a class?

The Universities ballroom is the main hub of activity with everything branching off from there. Classes are in their own individual rooms on the first floor and second floor of the hotel convention center. Gaming tables are located throughout the foyer of the ballrooms.

Recommendations for a first-time attendee to make the most of ReaperCon?

We've heard people check-in two suitcases, one with clothes and painting supplies and the other suitcase is empty for them to add all the stuff to take home! Although now you can choose the UPS shipping service* at the Reaper Booth for this. *shipping fees do apply. Another big tip for first-time ReaperCon attendees is that you don't take too many classes (we recommend no more than 6-8). Take some time to socialize and do other events around the convention hall. If not, you may really miss out on all things fun at ReaperCon! ….and don't forget to bring your paint brushes!

What are all of the secret/insider tips? As an example, I heard in prior years you could get a secret MSP paint color. Are there other things like that?

There are many secrets around ReaperCon, this year with the scavenger hunt there will be plenty more. One of the most fun things during the con is the ReaperCon badge ribbons. Participating in different ReaperCon events earns you special ribbons to stick to your badge. However, many guests and attendees bring their own special ribbons to award to other attendees. Most of them have secret ways of earning them. It's a coveted position to have the longest chain of ribbons at the end of ReaperCon!

What are Reaper Bucks? How else are Reaper Bucks earned than with ticket purchase? Is there going to be a Reaper Bucks store?

ReaperBucks are a special kind of currency that can only be earned and used at ReaperCon. You earn Reaper Bucks by doing various things around the convention such as hobby hi-jinks, classes, & entering something into the MSP Open, just to name a few. Yes,we will have the Brinewind Store, think of it as an arcade ticket shop! With a range of all types of items that you can spend your Reaper Bucks on. Finally you can use your ReaperBucks at our Sunday Auction!


Do factory tours still have a "take a handful of Base Boss bases from the bin” feature? Will there be factory tours this year? If so, is there a process for attending a tour?

Factory tours will most likely still have those familiar features, including the "take a handful of Base Boss bases from the bin" feature. There will be factory tours this year, but attendance will be limited. To attend a tour, you will need to go to registration and receive a ticket. Please note that tickets are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tours will most likely still have those familiar handful of features as well as some other goodies! There will still be tours this year, but they will be limited to Bus seats and Tickets for that time slot. You will go to registration and receive a ticket for the tour, this is first come first serve, so once all the tickets are gone there are no more slots for that tour.


Will there be food options on-site aside from the hotel restaurant?

Yes there are plans to have multiple food trucks on the west side hotel entrance! In addition, there are a few dining locations within walking distance of the hotel convention center.

Will there be transportation from the satellite hotels to the convention hotel?

Yes we plan to have shuttles running from the satellite hotels to the main convention hall. As well as shuttles to and from the Airport. We will post more details on how to acquire airport transfers to/from the convention center soon.


For the MSP, do I bring something I've already painted? Or, do I paint something there and enter it?

There is a good forum post detailing a lot of helpful information found here. You can paint something at the event if you wish, just keep in mind the deadlines for submissions. I would head on over to the rules of the MSP Open here:

Can one enter the Bones 5 ship into the painting contest (due to the size restrictions for dioramas)?

Please contact the MSP open team and ask for permission to enter such a piece before entering.


The VIP tickets are supposed to get special swag. How is that stuff to be delivered to those ticket holders??

VIP bundles will be picked up at the registration desk on-site at ReaperCon 2024.

Do we need to bring our original, irreplaceable vaccination cards? Or can we bring a photo or xerox?

Vaccine documentation is not needed to attend ReaperCon.

How do I get a ticket to ReaperCon? What do I need to enter ReaperCon?

Tickets aren't for sale at this time, but will be soon.


If we can't make it to ReaperCon, can we still purchase the VIP and hotel minis online?

We will produce as many as we need for the event, and any leftover VIP models will be on sale while supplies last. They will not be for sale after ReaperCon. However, Hotel Minis will eventually be for sale on

If I cannot attend will I still be able to buy a Swag Box? How long will Swag Box pre-orders be available?

SwagBoxes aren't yet available for pre-order, but when they are, you will be able to find them here: Can we buy the minis in the SwagBoxes at the ReaperCon Store? (i.e MORE MOUSLINGS!!!)

Most of the models will be available for purchase on-site and online during ReaperCon unless they are exclusive or have a limited supply.