Gold Sophie Trophy

Paint Contest The ReaperCon Open

Enter the ReaperCon Open with almost any model, at any skill level! You can enter as many models as you like, and might win certificates, medals, trophies, or cash!

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Best in Show

Pre-Raphaelite Knight

Jessica Rich

Dark Carnival

Sean Fulton

Kreimheild's Revenge

Aaron Lovejoy

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Sophie Trophies : Painters

Seoni And Dragon

Derek Schubert

Pirate Lass

Jen Kaufman

Dire Wolf

Rhonda Bender

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Sophie Trophies : Open

ReaperCon 2013 Sophie

Derek Schubert

Grudge Bust

Michael Proctor

The Next Step

Sue Wachowaki

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Sophie Trophies : Diorama

Dark Carnival

Sean Fulton

Lion Tamer

Michael Proctor

Masque Of The Red Death

Laszlo Jakusovszky

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