Games & Events

There's always something fun and exciting to do at ReaperCon!

We've got dozens of event tables, classes and panels to offer. Games are absolutely free to play - no sign up necessary! And if there's a table with nothing scheduled, you can always bring your own fun and paint, sculpt, model, or play, too!

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Master Series Medalists

Our Master Series Medalists are artists who are recognized not just for their skill with color and brush, but also for their contributions to the hobby and the industry.

We want to use this space to honor them, and their commitment and dedication to improving our hobby and bringing our community closer together.

  • Anne Foerster
  • Laszlo Jakusovsky
  • Derek Schubert
  • Jennifer Haley
  • Doug Cohen
  • Rhonda Bender
  • Michael Proctor
  • Aaron Lovejoy


Tours of Reaper

We will assist in arranging transportation via shuttle bus. Registration for each tour will be at the Registration desk.

Attendees wishing to ride on the Shuttle bus will need to come to the Registration desk and get Bus Passes. You will not be allowed on the bus without a pass.

  • Thursday: 1:30pm & 4:00pm
  • Friday: 10:00am, 1:30pm & 4:00pm
  • Saturday: 10:00am, 1:30pm & 4:00pm
  • Sunday: 10:00am & 1:30pm

Metal Trade & Parts Shopping

You can bring in your old metal miniatures and trade them in!

We'll weigh out the metal you bring us and give you credit in our bits shopping area (at the Factory) for the same weight in new metal! What's more, if we don't have any of the parts you're looking for, we'll cast them on demand!You can also shop from the metal that other guests bring in - in the past we've had some amazing finds! This credit is only valid at the Reaper Factory for metal trades. Shuttle bus for shopping and casting-on-demand available with the Tours Shuttle.

We will accept metal from any of these approved manufacturers.

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Auction Sunday 2PM

Sunday, we host the ReaperBuck Auction. At this event, we offer a huge selection of gifts, prizes, and product up for auction. Everything from coffee cups to free minis and paints, painted models, and sometimes even original master prints! The selection of prizes changes every year, and it's always amazing!

At his Auction, though, your money's no good! We only accept ReaperBucks as currency! You earn Reaperbucks for almost everyhting you do at Reapercon, so the more you participate, the more loot you can score at the Auction! People trade and share ReaperBucks with their friends, and frantic bidding wars can ensue over anything!

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What Are ReaperBucks?

ReaperBucks are a special Currency you can only use at the ReaperBuck Auction on Sunday. You can earn ReaperBucks by participating in almost any event at ReaperCon!

  • Each Class you take is worth 50 ReaperBucks
  • Each RPG you play is worth a minimum of 50 ReaperBucks
  • Each Miniatures Game, Card Game, or Board Game is worth 20-80 ReaperBucks, with more awarded to players who score higher
  • Each dinner you join us for is worth 100 ReaperBucks
  • Show us your flair! Show up in a Zazzle ReaperCon 2018 shirt for 50 ReaperBucks
  • Show up in ANY Reaper, RAC or ReaperCon 2004-2016 shirt for 20 ReaperBucks*
  • Show up in a Themed Costume for 100 ReaperBucks*

Sunday afternoon, we will host the ReaperBuck Auction. No money may be spent, the only currency we accept is the ReaperBucks you collect for your activities! We have shirts, hats, minis, paints, and all sorts of unique and exciting things!

We continually add new items to the Auction Items tables - check back often! Many of the items we auction are original, unique, or last of their kind.

For most competetive, Player-vs-player games, ReaperBuck rewards may be worth more for winners than for losers, and in other games, collecting ReaperBucks is the goal. Most Team Games will award the same prize to each player. Additional rewards for sportsmanship may be given by the event judge.

Come by the Registration Desk each day you wear a qualifying shirt or costume to receive these ReaperBucks. No repeat gains.


Paint And Take

Paint and takes are fun events where you can sit down and paint a miniature we provide.

Challenge yourself trying the things you;ve learned on models we provide - or start your first miniature ever. Paint ant take events can be a great way to sit downa nd relax, painting something that's low stress, and fun.

The Paint and Take Event Schedule for 2018 has not yet been determined.

Epic Gaming

Epic Gaming

Sophie Says Challenge

Sophie Says is like a crazy Speed Paint Simon Says - but with a devilish twist!

In a Sophie Says Challenge, you have 45 minutes to paint a miniature, but there's a twist! The moderator is rolling a dice and giving you instructions that you have to follow - alongside everybody else! It starts out normal, but then Sophie Says you have to paint the model in front of the contestant to your left... and then you have to use the wrong end of the brush... and then you have to stand up, or paint under the table, or paint with the wrong hand...

Spectators welcome, prizes will be awarded.

The Sophie Says Event Schedule for 2018 has not yet been determined.


Speed Paint Contests

Challenge yourself to paint a great mini quickly!

You've all got the same mini. You've got 45 minutes. Can you paint the miniature better than everyone else can? Sure, the Master Series Open has a lot goign for it, but the real masters of painting can do amazing work under pressure!

Spectators welcome, prizes will be awarded.

The Speed Paint Event Schedule for 2018 has not yet been determined.

Epic Gaming

Epic Gaming

Prize Drawings

Drawing for Prizes will occur at the various dinner events throughout the convention.

If you have any problems, questions, or concerns about your ReaperCon experience, please ask for help. Be sure to inlcude your login email address so that we can acurately lookup your account to help you.