Hall of Fame

The Reaper Hall of Fame was started in 2012 to honor the individuals outside of Reaper whose contribution to our family has been invaluable. These individuals are our most important volunteers, scultprs, painters, and artists. Over the years, each of these individuals has made immeasurable contributions to the Reaper Family.

These individuals continue to contribute incredibly to our product and brand identities - and continue to be held dear to our hearts as close friends.

Hall of Fame

2016 ?

Join us at the Hall of Fame Banquet on Saturday night to see the 2016 Hall of Fame induction ceremony!

Jason Wiebe Gwydion Green

Debbie Lewis Dancin' Debbie

Derek Schubert dks

Derek Schubert is not only one of the top painters in the world, but he is also one on the top sculptors. Known as dks on the Reaper message boards, derek enjoys posting works in progress shots of his work and giving advice and tips.

He frequently scultps miniatures for exotic character ideas that no existing miniature is suitable, since he is an avid Role-player. His painting projects can cover any range of subjects, and any scope, form single models ot massive dioramas. He's also a great singer.

Werner Klocke

Werner is well known for his mazing humanoid figures, especially his treatment of the female form. So much so, that his fans have coined the term "Klockenbooty" to describe the sensual curves of his models

Werner enjoys classic fantasy, steampunk, sci-fi, and leatherpunk, and also runs his own miniatures studio, Freebooter miniatures.

Cheryl Storm LadyStorm

Cheryl is best known as LadyStorm on the Reaper Message Boards, and has been an integral part of our convention and event presence for a long time. She's a moderator on our message boards, and has been a primary organizer for gaming and painting events at national conventions.

Cheryl keeps the paint flowing, and the forums civil. Her organizational skills have helped us run many successful national shows, including PAX East and GenCon. Whether she's running the paint and take, organizing the games and demo teams, or coordinating schedules to make sure we actually get to eat, she's an unstoppable whirlwind of brilliance. And she throws a mean pie!


Bobby Jackson

Bobby Jackson

Bobby has risen from obscurity to become one of Reaper's top sculptors. His skills with humanoids, especially his armor work and intricate detail are virtually unrivalled. Perhaps most well-known for his amazing armored fighters, Bobby's crisp detail and keen eye have become hallmarks of the Reaper image.

Bobby works equally well in fantasy or science fiction, and enjoys bringing the beautiful concepts of ourmany talented artists to life. He's also one of our most talented artists with 3D computer sculpting tools, and we're humbled and inspired by his desire to continually improve and hone his art.

Bob Ridolfi

Bob Ridolfi

Bob has been a part of the sculpting team for Reaper since its inception. He has been able to lend his tremendous talent and own personal flair to our products since we began, and it's been a trememdous honor to work with someone so talented.

These days, we often let Bob choose the subjects for his work, and as a result he turns in some truly inspired and creative works. He is perhaps best known for his females and his undead, which show incredible detail, vitality, and motion. Bob's commitment to quality in his work has been reflected in Reaper's commitment to qulaity as well, and we're very lucky for that.

Julie Guthrie

Julie is one of the best-known sculptors in the industry, and we have been fortunate to have her sculpting for us since day one. Her style and skill continue to grow, and her work is truly inspiring.

Julie likes to work on creatures, given a chance, and her ability to make dragons, chimeras, and other beasites beautiful, even when they're truly hideous, is awe-inspiring. Julie is also coveted for her humanoid figures - the detail and expressions she has been able to capture have made her sculpts some of the most continually sought-after and popular models.

Julie Guthrie

Sandra Garrity

Sandra Garrity

Sandra was a veteran of the industry when we began, and we have been blessed to be able to use her talent. Willing to tackle dragons and demons with as much skill and apolmb as fair maidens, Sandras range of work inspires even today.

Sandra is best known for her humaoid females, which are treated with respect, and always strong, vibrant subjects. But the same solid principles in her humanoids translate to her enormous dragons, which have been industry standards for a long time.

Izzy Collier Talin

Talin's incredible artwork goes beyond 'concept art'. She creates characters, and vibrant creatures with ecologies and history. She studies costuming and anatomy, and works on every design to make sure it is more than just a lovely drawing, it's a real thing. Her skills and talent have made Talin our go-to artist since we met, and one four closest friends.

Talin is able to work in many styles, from classic fantasy, to sci-fi, steampunk, baroque, gothic, art nuveau, and more. She takes pride in matching a character's stance and outfit to their attutude, personality, history, and era. Her sketches often include notes to the sculptors about the monster's anatomy, backgorund, ecology, or the history of the details on the costumes, a touch that inspires the sculptors, and demonstrates a commitment to her art that's truly an honor to be associated with.

Talin Collier


Tim Peaslee Castlebuilder

Tim isn't a sculptor or a painter, but he's still a very talented Reaper Artist. Tim builds terrain tables for use at conventions. We're contunually amazed by the detail and energy with which he approaches table building. His Dungeoncrawl, hand-made with Hirst-Arts blocks, remains a perennial favorite at ReaperCon, and his custom tables, such as his undersea attack table, or his custom Reaper Factory, have an unbelievable attention to detail.

Working with Tim is truly inspiring. His passion for the terrain, the models, and the games shines through in all of his projects. Even more amazing, he often writes custom game rules for the tables he's working on, making each piece an integral and interactive part of the game, while providing a unique experience for everyone.