Want to run a game?

Great! We need enthusiastic game masters to run events! Let's go over a couple of quick things first.

You will need to understand our policies. We have a few simple expectations of all GMs (game masters - that's you if you're the one running the game, or your team if you're coordinating events for others) at ReaperCon, which go above and beyond the expectations and standards for the behaviour of our guests.

GM Expectations


  • Be Clean and well-groomed
  • Be Polite, friendly, and approachable
  • Exhibit professional, but personable, behavior
  • Represent and promote the greater hobby, including Reaper Miniatures and all show sponsors and vendors, positively and with enthusiasm
  • Be Knowledgeable, with a reasonable level of experience and knowledge of your game's relevant rules
  • Comply with all behavioral policies
  • Properly complete the Games Submission form for each game you are wanting to run
  • Clean up any components, including terrain, models, tokens, books, papers, and trash after the game.


Reaper provides compensation for games based on the amount of time run. This compensation will be given to the Event Organizer, to distribute to their GMs.


  • For each Game Ticket you redeem at the registration desk, you will earn $2 in reapermini.com credit to be issued as a Gift Certificate, to be e-mailed after the show.

4 hours of games run:

  • We will provide a paid Guest admission badge. This badge does not Include a SWAG Bag. You (or your event organizer) must have created an account at Reapercon.com to receive this badge.

Sumbit your event for our approval!