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After a virtual ReaperCon in 2020, we made our safe return to an in-person event. However, planning a face-to-face event was not without its challenges. When we started planning ReaperCon 2021, there were still many unknown factors, but the safety of our attendees, staff, and volunteers was our highest priority. This year, we had to consider social distancing and how that would affect the layout of ReaperCon. We also wanted to make sure that our annual Swag Boxes were available to everyone *before* ReaperCon actually started.
We took these challenges head-on, and we’re extremely happy with how ReaperCon 2021 turned out! We had a very safe and very fun show. It was great to see so many of our old friends, and we were so happy to make new ones. If you missed this year, make plans now to be with us next year at ReaperCon! Throughout the coming months, we’ll be talking about some more changes and new things coming to ReaperCon 2022 and looking back at the past years with a discussion on how it has evolved and where we came from. Again, we hope you’ll join us!
We want to give a big “THANK YOU!” to everyone who came out to celebrate another year with us. There are so many folks to thank, but we’ll do our best! Thanks to our volunteers, hotel staff, instructors, Hobby Hijinks crew, faction point farmers, MSP administration and judges, the Knightheart Gaming crew, metal trade junkies, ribbon collectors, secret finders, vendors, costume contest participants, pinball makers, puzzle completers, painters, board gamers, roleplayers, streamers, content creators, night owls, early risers, Reaper Staff, food trucks, Hall of Fame members, tour takers, and to anyone that we might have missed. We couldn’t have done it without you, and you guys are what makes doing ReaperCon worth it!

Reaper Con 2021!

September 2-5, Denton, TX

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